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Rubber Duck

Floating inflatable sculpture, built in various sizes, ranging from 9.00m to 26.00m.
Since 2007, the Ducks have been on display in Nantes, Hasselt, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Auckland, Pittsburgh, Sydney, Hongkong, Seoul, Kaohsiung, Beijng, HoChi Minh City, Baku, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Valparaiso, Chili.

Project by Florentijn Hofman

design and production: Air Design Studio Erik van Dongen


Rubber Duck 12m, Auckland NZ, 2011

Rubber Duck 15m, Sydney Aus, 2013

Rubber Duck 16,5m, Pittsburgh, 2013

Rubber Duck 12m, Osaka Japan 2010

Rubber Duck 15m, Los Angeles, 2014

Rubber Duck 16,5m, Hongkong, 2013

Rubber Duck 20m, Valparaiso, Chili, 2017

Rubber Duck 20m, Valparaiso, Chili, 2017