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Coproduction with architect Marion Regitko, 2005

Airform 01 is based on a three-dimensional, continues surface tunnel structure called a Triply Periodic Minimal Surface.
This labyrinthine structure consists of two interwoven, continuous spaces. It creates a three dimensional patterned space with its own unique aesthetic.

The skin of Airfare 01 is made up of textile ‘patches’ sewn together in a regular repeating pattern. The continuous geometry of one of the interwoven spaces is cut off at the boundary with a transparant membrane. It is this space that is inflated to create the rigid structure.


Technical Details


polyester fabric, white, 75 g/m2, FR B1
pvc transparant, 320 g/m2

Sizes inflated:

Big: 5.00m x 5.00m x 5.00m
Medium: 3.75m x 3.75m x 3.75m
Small: 2.50 x 2.50 x 2.50m